Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Unique Wolf Shifter Story

I've been reading a lot of shifter fantasy lately.  The genre has strong cliches, no doubt.  So when I found the excellent and unusual Hidden Moon, by K.R. Thompson, I was not only immersed - I was impressed.

Set in our backyard, so to speak, the story takes place in the state of Virginia, but one where supernatural creatures roam along the Appalachian Trail.

At first, there's a strong Twilight-like vibe - we have a seventeen-year-old girl protagonist, and a teen love triangle involving at least one supernatural creature.  That feeling soon passes, however.  I believe the author managed to pull off the amazing feat of creating a novel both Twilight fans and those who are not will equally enjoy.

The protagonist, Nikki, is a new girl in school.  While we spend much of the book in her head, it's never an unpleasant place to be - she's smart, kind, and caring.  I related to her as an eldest child who felt like she had to take care of her mom and little sister, at times.  I appreciated that she had her own talents and interests, and that, despite the tragedy in her backstory and some very adventurous things that happen to her, it doesn't overwhelm who she is.  And her romance, as she is attracted to the two boys - the Native American, Adam, and her best friend and boy-next door, Brian - is not only very clean, but they don't define her.  She is who she is, with or without their interest.

I was drawn into layer upon layer of mystery, and so skilled is the author you may find yourself thinking you know who-dun-it from the first few chapters, only to find out you're wrong, like I did.  There is a fascinating depth to the tale, just as there is to the world itself that she has drawn from what we think we know.

It wasn't only the story quality that impressed me, however.  Read and watch enough involving the supernatural and you can point to the common themes.  Fae are of similar types.  Vampires revel in it or loathe themselves for what they are.  Werewolves are this or that, and can be killed by ____.  And Alpha werewolves tend to all act the same.  It's refreshing, and exciting, to come across a new take.  In Hidden Moon, we have not just one thing new, but several, and I loved it - so much so I'm writing my first review for an ebook.

If you enjoy the supernatural, and like mysteries, try Hidden Moon.  The twists make sense, the ending is satisfying, and it's such a fun ride.  You certainly can't go wrong for the price, whether you pick it up quickly, while it's on promotion, or at its regular price.

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